Different Types Of Masks

Different Types Of Masks

In these times of pandemic disease fallout, knowledge can be an instrument of defence. With the right knowledge about the PPEs (Personal Protective Equipments), you can make sure that you are ready for the fight. Masks are the primary weapon of protection during this COVID19 crisis. 

Having said that, let us tell you what you are going to learn about in this article. In this article, we are going to look at the different types of masks so that you can understand which are the most effective against harmful chemicals, pollutants and viruses like COVID19. 

There are many different types of masks serving different purposes. For this article, we are going to look at the most common ones among these.

1. Dust masks

Dust masks

This is the most affordable yet the least protective mask for emergencies like the Coronavirus fallout. It is used for protection by construction workers and other activities which need protection from particles.

2. Surgical masks

Surgical masks

These are masks used by doctors and healthcare workers. They do not provide any protection to your respiratory system. Instead, they prevent the outburst and spread of any form of liquid from the wearer’s mouth to the people nearby. 

3. Respirators


These are advanced masks worn for protection against pollutants and air particles. They are designed to form a tight seal around your mouth, preventing any leak of air. The N95 mask is the most popular mask in the respirators category.

4. Escape hoods

Escape hoods

These are protective gear worn during fire emergencies and chemical emission accidents. They offer protection against harmful gases and airborne contaminants. They have a filtering device in them with filter combinations for protection against various kinds of exposure.

5. CBA/RCA gas masks

RCA gas masks

These are masks used during riot control events. They are not meant for the common public. Only emergency units and law enforcement bodies have the authority to use these kinds of masks. They are effective against CN and CS tear gas, biological agents and chemical warfare agents.

6. NBC gas masks

NBC gas masks

These are masks that can be used for protection from higher forms of threat like nuclear, biological and chemical threats. It protects the wearer from breathing airborne pollutants and lethal gases in an NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) environment.

7. CBRN gas masks

CBRN gas masks

These are also known as riot masks. They are mostly used by defence personnel from the police force and the military. They provide extra protection from “rebellious” threats like dirty bombs and other harmful items. 

Which mask is the most effective for protection from the COVID19 virus?

According to disease control experts, respirators are the best masks to have during a pandemic. However, if there is a shortage of masks, you can use any other type of mask for protection. Some protection is better than no protection. Having said that, always make sure to know as much as you can about the mask you are going to wear.

From our research on the online behaviour of people these days, we have found that people are confused as to which mask to use for protection. The shortage of N95 masks has made the situation even more critical. One of the best ways to deal with this situation is to learn about homemade masks and try and make one on your own.